Ingénierie & Conseils
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INGENIERIE ET CONSEILS is a small French company - private limited company (known in France as : Société à responsabilité limitée – SAS) with a 22 000 € capital - based in Aix-en-Provence. 
Its manager Thomas Sala - nuclear engineer and MBA - has a good experience in engineering, management, commissioning, operation of complex installations and large scientific instruments. 
Our Services : 
Based on its knowledge in creating European consortiums and the positive feedback on our past months experiences, this company proposes: 
- Support to the design office, 
- Advice in engineering and assistance in preparation of answers to call for tenders or important customers. 
INGENIERIE ET CONSEILS brings you the skills of its network which is composed of more than a dozen senior engineers, covering most of the needs for a project. 
Fields of activity :
- Large scientific instruments (accelerators, cyclotrons, synchrotrons), 
- Installations of Research (CERN, experimental reactors, ITER), 
- Complex Installations, 
- Reactors GEN IV and PWR… 
Main customers :
ARIAL INDUSTRIES, CCI Marseille Provence, CIEMAT, CMI, CNIM, ECA Robotics, EURILOGIC (groupe NEXEYA), EXPERCONNECT, KSB, PCC France, PHIMECA, SDMS Technologies, Tectubi Raccordi…